Cardboard Coffin - YOU SAVE 34%

Cardboard Coffin  -  YOU SAVE 34%
Cardboard Coffin  -  YOU SAVE 34% Cardboard Coffin  -  YOU SAVE 34% Cardboard Coffin  -  YOU SAVE 34% Cardboard Coffin  -  YOU SAVE 34% Cardboard Coffin  -  YOU SAVE 34%
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The Coffin Company cardboard coffin provides a simple less expensive no nonsense alternative to all other coffins on the market. You can paint or decorate the coffin as you require.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a coffin. Our Cardboard Coffin provides the ideal choice for an eco-friendly coffin to be used in a green funeral. They are easily paintable (we are more than happy to do this for you or, if you prefer you can do it yourself).

Each coffin is provided with 3 die cut handles on each side and 1 at each end and can be used for a traditional funeral or a simple nature funeral where an eco burial is part of the funeral. The Coffin Company provides a cost effective option for use in Woodland or Green Burials. Suitable for either burial or cremation this cardboard coffin offers the benefits of a low cost alternative.

The Coffin Company continues to focus on quality and we are justifiably proud of our team, knowledge and experience and our dedicated workforce will assist you when selecting a coffin to explain the finishing options available.

The base of the coffin is made 25% recycled materials whilst the lid and the pillow are made from 75% recycled materials. (Lace frill not included)

This cardboard coffin has been tested to a weight of 238lb (17 stones) in dry conditions without additional underneath support.

The size of the cardboard coffin is 6’2” long x 22” wide and 13” deep.

Simply make your purchase online alternatively please call one of our friendly team for help and advise you with the options available.

Speak to one of our dedicated team by simply calling 01670 775047

Alternatively please forward any of your questions by email to


Additional information can be downloaded regarding ‘Do It All Yourself’

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